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Bangle making in hyderabad

Bangle making live stall in Hyderabad

bangle making in Hyderabad
Price: 8000/-
Duration : 3 Hours
Setup time:30 Mins
Location: Hyderabad
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Description: Bangle making in Hyderabad is the best choice for your wedding, corporate events, sangeet functions, and kitty parties. This is the live stall for making bangles and serving the bangle to guests, according to guest’s suggestions and tastes. The live bangle making stall in Hyderabad is a new idea and we are excited to be pioneers in this field. We have been organizing live bangle makers for all types of events that can be used as an event stall or party activity. It is best suited for children’s parties, corporate events, and wedding celebrations.

 Terms and conditions:

  1. This is the live bangle making stall in Hyderabad for all events.
  2. The required bangle making materials will be taken care by our team.
  3. 100 pairs of bangles will distribute at the bangle stall.
  4. It is not prepared for all 100 pairs of bangles at your place.
  5. Some bangle pairs make lively and they bring prepared bangles.
  6. More than 100 pairs, will be extra chargeable.
  7. Transportation is included in this package for Hyderabad locals only.

From your Side:

2 tables along with cloth are required for preparing the bangle-making stall. 

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