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kasi yatra set up in visakhapatnam

Kasi yatra setup in Visakhapatnam for wedding

kasi yatra set up on hire in visakhapatnam
Price : 8000/-
Duration : 3 hour
Setup time :40 Mins
Location: Visakhapatnam
For more clarification and Booking


+91 8688888261

 Terms and conditions:

  1. This is a Kasi yatra setup on rental in Visakhapatnam.
  2. Flower rangoli has arranged by our team as shown in the picture.
  3. One Kasi yatra bag, pavu kollu (footwear), godugu (umbrella), visena karra (hand fan) along with this setup.
  4. This kasi yatra setup price .
  5. Transportation is included in this package for Visakhapatnam local only.
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