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Tattoo in srikakulam

Tattoo live stall in Srikakulam for birthday/kids party

Tattoo in srikakulam
Price: 4000/-
Duration : 3 Hours
Setup time:10 Mins
Location: Srikakulam
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Terms and conditions:

  1. This is a live Tattoo(Temporary) stall for a birthday party, kids parties, and all other events in Srikakulam.
  2. The set-up time for the Tattoo stall is 30mins.
  3. Colours used for this tattoo are Non-Toxic.
  4. The necessary materials for this stall are taken care of by our Tattoo artist.
  5. 3 hours is the maximum time for this Tattoo stall.
  6. Our person will arrive, 30mins before the party starts.
  7. This package is including transport within the limits of Srikakulam.

From your end:

  1. You have to provide one table along with cloth and a chair.
  2. You have to provide sufficient space for arranging the stall.
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